//~ A crunch is what UNIX folk call that # symbol!\n~ Sorry but that's not the CIO's password!//\n\n[[Er, I was just testing! The real password is...|doors]]
You peek your head out of the door and find yourself face to face with a g-g-g-g-ghost!!\n\n[[Bravely talk to the ghost.|brave]]\n[[Run away!|coward]]
You press the button for the 8th floor and the elevator doors slide open. It's pitch black in the hallway - not at all what you'd expect visiting the reliable ITS department!\n\n[[Take a look around.|peek]]
You muster some courage and step into the hallway. The elevator doors close behind you.\n\nThe ghost looks you straight in the eyes. He's pudgy and bearded and appears to be wearing dress pants (you'd guess khakis if they weren't translucent and glowing blue), a plaid polo shirt, and a pocket protector. His shrill voice pierces the silence...\n\n//~ The ghost of ITS, am I.\n~ I fixed PCs all day.\n~ My troubleshooting years were done\n~ The day I passed away.\n\n~ Or so I thought, because, you see,\n~ A guardian, I became.\n~ You shall not enter ITS\n~ Until you guess my name, my name,\n~ Until you guess my name.//\n\n[[Robert? Dilbert? Stuart? Andy? I don't care, I just want candy!|name]]
"Hello, gang!" You excitedly tell your fellow Senecans, bursting with pride that you finally made it to the event. Everyone goes silent and just looks at you in awe.\n\n[[This is awkward... I'd better make some smalltalk.|mingle2]]
//~ I send you email every day.\n~ You never do reply.\n~ My pills and trips and jewelry\n~ Are things you never buy.//\n\n"Ah," you tell the ghost, "your name is..."\n\n[[Phish|wrong1]]\n[[Spam|right1]]\n[[Zombie|wrong1]]
//~ Yeppo, there's 8 bits in a byte! Come on in!//\n\n[[Walk through the glowing glass doors.|ITS]]
A beam of light shoots from the sky in front of you, revealing a pair of glass doors.\n\n[[Try opening the doors.|doors]]
"Nuts to this! I'll take refuge with a double-double," you convince yourself.\n\nYou press the G button and the elevator doors close, but before you can breathe a sigh of relief they open right back up again! Curse you, unpredictable Markham elevators!\n\nThe ghost is still there, beckoning you forward. What choice do you have?\n\n[[Talk to the ghost.|brave]]
You know this guy and he's taller than you! What's going on here?!\n\nYou look down and find yourself levitating a foot off the ground! Your legs are glowing and look like translucent blue khakis! Spamley has volunteered to become your hauntingly horriffic Halloween costume!\n\nYou smile and tell everyone, "I'm really glad I came to the ITS Markham Mingle. It's so great to see my old friends and meet new ones. Let's eat!"\n\n\nHAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM SENECA ITS!\n\nWe can't wait to see you at the next Markham Mingle!\n\nOctober 31\n9:30-11:00am\n8th floor kitchen\nhosted by Seneca ITS\n\nWear a costume!
Markham Mingle\nOctober 31, 2013\n9:30-11:00\n8th floor kitchen\nHosted by Seneca ITS\n\nWear a costume!\n\n\n[[Click here to start the game|begin]]
//~ Maybe I haven't been sending you enough emails?//\n\n[[Hmm, what was that rhyming clue again?|name]]
//~ There's only 4 bits in a nibble! I'm still hungry!//\n\n[[My mistake - let me try again.|doors]]
You point your thumb over your shoulder at Spamley and say, "That's some high-tech door security they have in ITS, eh?"\n\nNothing but silence and puzzled looks from everybody. You look over your shoulder but your ghostly new friend seems to have vanished.\n\n"Soooo yeah, uh, nice to see you all. Sorry I didn't bring a costume," you say sheepishly.\n\n"Are you kidding? You look incredible!" a short man finally says.\n\n[[Wait, something's a little strange here.|mingle3]]
You rattle the handles but the doors won't budge. Your new buddy Spamley gives you his most ghoulish smirk.\n\n//~ The CIO would not allow\n~ A stranger through the door.\n~ A password can be valuable\n~ To those who know the score.\n\n~ I'll let you through if you can tell me\n~ What it is I ate.\n~ I bit and bit and bit some more\n~ Until I'd bitten eight!//\n\nYou proudly say, "I know the password! It's..."\n\n[[Byte!|right2]]\n[[Nibble!|wrong2a]]\n[[Crunch!|wrong2b]]
Markham Mingle: The Video Game
You step through the glass doors and the ITS department materializes around you. Sunlight spills through the picturesque windows revealing a cheerful, spacious office. What a great place to work!\n\nYou and Spamley head to the right and you think you recognize several of your peers in garish costumes, smiling and chuckling and helping themselves to fistfuls of scrumptious treats.\n\n[[Finally! Time to get my Mingle on!|mingle]]
//~ Yep, Spam's what they call me, although my full name's Spamley!//\n\n[[Forget your full name, what about my empty tummy?|lightbeam]]